Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Canadian Maple - Tim Horton's

An odd place to start the tour of all things dough-nutty, yes. I could of started with the classic KK glaze, or the universally known and loved Chocolate Dip. Maybe even the most classic, plain.

But today I wanted to introduce the world to a real treat, the existence of which many are not aware of.

This is a shame.

I introduce to you one fine fine pastry: The Canadian Maple

Mmm thats a large Maple Doughnut. Some of you doughnut connoisseurs may have caught on by now, its stuffed with cream.
If anything this is a very close relative to the Boston Cream, but you would be surprised what a thick coat of maple icing does when mixed with cream and chewy dough.
An incredible flavour is produced, think pancakes and caramel, a breakfast that should be given a chance sometime. 

All doughnuts I discuss really should have a comment on their compatibility with coffee. This one unfortunately being a cream variety has a difficult time being dipped. You may have to suck out some cream to make room for coffee. If you pull this trick off though... well you know why Starbucks puts whipped cream in its coffee, because its right tasty. Sometimes these doughnuts to not have much cream in them and are slightly deformed leaving more dough on the inside, this assists with the dipping process as it leaves more absorptive space.

Fantastic doughnut, mostly on its own flavor. Makes a fine snack, and too me is an unsung classic.


Munch on, GlassZebra


  1. Yummy! I love doughnuts, ur pics make me hungry. Keep posting!

  2. Oh my god, imagine the sweet fill of that dough-nut.

    Sweet Jesus that must taste good :D

  3. a whole blog about doughnuts?

    +1 follower!

  4. Love this will you be adding any more sweet treats?

  5. Awesome, so delicious looking. Followed.

  6. Doughnut looks amazing! omg got to have! :D

  7. I've had it before and can tell you its very good.

  8. Why don't we have stuff like that in Sweden? unfair :I